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How To Microwave A Potato ?



A microwaved baked potato can be a perfect solution if you are looking for dinner quickly and without any delays. The microwave bakes one potato in five minutes. You can also cook a few additional potatoes on the side in no time. This easy dinner recipe can be served with leftover chili or simple steamed vegetables.

One Potato, Two Potato

This will work well with good old-fashioned russet potatoes. You can cook any size of potatoes, though larger ones might take longer to cook. To ensure they cook at the right rate, it is best to use the same size potatoes for multiple potato dishes. This isn’t a fussy way to cook a baked potato in microwave. However, if you need to cook a smaller potato for a longer time, don’t worry.

Remember To Poke

This method is very straightforward: place potatoes in the microwave, and then hit “start.” But one thing is important to note: Make sure to poke holes into the potato. Use a fork to poke each potato four to five more times. These little holes allow steam to escape during potato cooking. If you forget to poke, your potato could explode in your microwave due to the trapped steam. It can be messy and very disappointing.

Crispen Up The Outside

The downside to this fast method is that it doesn’t produce crispy skin like oven-baked potatoes. You can still enjoy the potato skin on its own. However, if you want that oven-roasted potato texture and flavor, heat the oven to 425°F. Meanwhile, the potatoes will be microwaved. Once the potatoes are done, you can transfer them to the oven for as crisp as you’d like.

How To Host A Baked Potato Bar ?

Baking potatoes bars are a fun way to feed a large crowd at a party or family meal. A variety of toppings are recommended, such as butter, sour milk, shredded cheese, bacon bits, green onions, cheese sauces, steamed broccoli, chili, pulled ham, black beans, and pico de Gallo. There are so many great options!

You can bake your potatoes ahead of time, then cut a slit in the center of each potato and wrap them in foil. You can then have them ready for guests to eat when the foil is removed. Alternatively, the potatoes can be kept warm in a slow cooker by being set on the “warm” setting.

What Do You Serve With Baked Potatoes?

As we mentioned, these baked potatoes pair perfectly with our Parmesan Crusted Steak and Baked Chicken.

Use extra baked potatoes to make this Loaded Potato Sals or Ultimate Loaded Potato Soup! Both of these options are excellent.

There are many ways to cook baked potatoes and it takes very little time. If you are like me and enjoy a good potato dish on a busy night, then baked potatoes make a great side dish or main dish. Enjoy!

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