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The Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattresses

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What exactly is a memory foam mattress? It is a mattress that combines a memory foam layer with a spring or another form of support foam. The memory foam uses your body heat to conform to your body shape, giving tailored comfort and support. The mattress is known to bounce back to its original shape once the pressure is released, and over time will recall the shape of your body, your sleeping patterns, and more, earning it the term – ‘memory foam.’

Polyurethane is used to make memory foam mattresses. Because this form has so many features, it is currently widely utilized to produce mattresses, pillows, cushions, helmets, and even mattress toppers. People choose memory foam mattresses because of the comfort they give as well as the various health benefits they promise.

Types Of Memory Foams Used In Mattresses

There are essentially two varieties of memory foam mattresses, based on the look, feel density, purpose, and technique of production. The sleep-grade memory foam is primarily utilized in pillows and mattresses. In summary, all of the categories are employed in different ways and for different things.

  • Traditional Memory Foam
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam

Memory Foam (Traditional)

Conventional memory foam is the most popular and extensively used memory foam mattress and was the first one to be created. It is composed comprised of the standard petroleum-based polymer. It has a softer feel and is denser than the other varieties. A standard memory foam mattress is the greatest solution for people seeking for a budget-friendly mattress. The great density of the mattress maintains the heat that comes out from the body. It has a densely packed structure and consequently is more susceptible to heat and pressure.

On the other hand, it is quite soft and offers the desired comfort to your body. In addition, it assists in alleviating joint problems and bodily aches. But, these foam mattresses are not the perfect alternative for individuals living in extremely hot areas.

Memory Gel Cooling Foam

Cool gel memory foam mattresses are similar to standard memory foam mattresses, but they have an extra layer of cooling gel. When compared to standard foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses allow better airflow and are exceptionally soft.

These mattresses and pillows also have gaps between them, which helps with ventilation. Unlike standard foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses tend to keep their form more rapidly while retaining body pressure for a longer period. As a result, if you want both comfort and support, this is the perfect solution for you.

The Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattresses

Quality sleep is one of several things that are necessary for your body’s welfare. If you have lacked a nice rest these days, it is time to update your mattress. A memory foam mattress might be the finest choice for several reasons.

Here are the advantages of memory foam mattresses:

Exceptional Comfort

Being a highly resilient temperature-sensitive material that reacts to your body heat and weight, memory foam mattresses may readily conform to your body shape, delivering you the comfort you deserve.

Suits All Sleeping Postures

The robust nature of the mattress may give comfort in all the sleeping positions. The material of the mattress adapts and distributes the body weight uniformly so that the sleep is not disturbed. As a consequence, you will feel the support evenly all over the body, whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper.

Absorbs Movement

How would you feel getting disturbed while sleeping just because your lover just shifted his/her position? The memory foam mattress is a benefit to such persons. They will not feel any movement even if their companion continues adjusting his or her position while sleeping. The mattress absorbs the movement and reduces the effect, therefore preventing any disruption.

Less Backache And Neck Pain

The memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, provides a neutral spinal alignment. It provides the necessary comfort and support when sleeping, hence reducing discomfort and pains. Long-term usage of this mattress can aid in the relief of chronic back and neck discomfort.

High-Tech Pressure Alleviation

We already know that a memory foam mattress disperses body weight over the sleep surface uniformly. The mattress’s properties can assist ease uncomfortable pressure points in your knees, hips, back, and shoulders.

Provides Personalized Assistance

Bed 2 Go Memory foam mattresses can give tailored support and greater ventilation since it assumes the natural form of your body as soon as you lie down on them.

It Doesn’t Slump Or Sink

The contemporary age is highly concerned about their mattress and sometimes inferior quality or unbranded mattresses with time have a propensity to droop or sink. The memory foam mattress has an open-cell construction that prevents the mattress from sagging or sinking.

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