Finance What to Do When Someone Constantly Begs for Money?

What to Do When Someone Constantly Begs for Money?

What to Do When Someone Constantly Begs for Money? post thumbnail image

We all have the right to live a calm and happy life. Everything in our life revolves around money. Some earn more, while others fail to save money. As a result, they create a scenario in which they are broke and appear as friends or family begging for money. Many relationships are shattered because of money. As a result, no matter how close your family is to you, asking for monetary favors creates an embarrassing position for you.

You can’t say ‘No’ to them while also wanting to run away from the case. However, you must recognize that you are not generating money to provide unpaid debts to your friends and loved ones.

How to Say ‘No’ Politely When Someone Asks for Money
Make a Rule:
One of the simplest methods to deal with friends who continuously begging for money is to state from the start that you are opposed to providing money to anybody. It will assist you avoid the embarrassing situation since they will be aware of your goals ahead of time. It will also assist you in not feeling guilty. However, if you give money to someone while not giving it to others in need, you will end up with a lot of poor connections. As a result, you must explicitly explain, even to your loved ones and relatives, that you will not part with your money until you wish to provide it on your own.

Respond immediately: If you do not wish to offer money to anybody who asks for it, make your intentions plain right away; otherwise, the individual will believe there is a possibility of receiving it. As a result, if you see your destitute relatives pleading for money, do not be afraid to respond since it is likewise unethical to leave them hanging. Furthermore, you cannot take your time acquiring the guts to say ‘No’ to your friends and family since they will be unsure if you would eventually give them the money or not. As a result, you must manage the matter on your own since you do not want to upset them. As a result, if your buddy continues to beg for money, you may simply say ‘No.’ However, if your relatives beg for money, take your time before responding, since this might lead to a strained relationship.

Be Specific: It will assist if you are specific about what you are saying to someone who is always begging for money. He will stop asking you after you tell him that you do not want to lend money to those who do not plan to repay it. As a result, it is preferable to state the obvious rather than conceal it. However, in expressing so, you must be forceful while being courteous. It would be beneficial if you did not let your buddy or family to start an argument, maybe ruining the connection. As a result, you must recognize that those who request money for the first time will continue to do so in the future. As a result, if you tell them strongly the first time, they will not come back to you for money again.

You Must Be Aware of What You Can Give: If you are continuously receiving demands for money from friends and family, you must make it a habit not to succumb to them. However, if you see some of your family members constantly begging for money and you are unable to say ‘No,’ it is best to set up a dedicated fund for them. It will be beneficial if you set aside a particular amount of money each month that you are prepared to donate.

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