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Alternative Treatments, Therapies, and Treatments for Addiction

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It can be difficult to take that first step towards getting help with your addiction. The best kind of therapy, such as addiction treatment, should be customized for you. You may find that what works for one person is not the best for another. Too many therapists or treatment centers apply the same approach to everyone. This is because they fail to address the underlying issues as well as individual personality characteristics. It is vital that you find a place where you feel comfortable. This will help instill, enhance, and maintain your motivation to recover.

Complementary or alternative approaches are gaining popularity, and this has led to an increase in their availability.

Types of Alternative Therapies

You have many options. There are many programs available that can offer you a variety of treatment techniques. Below is a list of alternative substance abuse treatment and therapies that you may come across as you seek a program that meets your needs.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is also known by the name “tapping” because you use your fingertips to tap on a series of points on your body that are associated with acupressure points, meridians, or other energy points. This energy psychology technique helps to restore your energy balance and open up areas that may be blocked.

Tapes will allow you to verbally identify or name the current emotional issue or presenting problem. This will help you accept your feelings regardless of them.

EFT can address the root cause of your addiction and may help you to cope with cravings better.

Yoga and Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Individuals suffering from addiction may be disconnected from their bodies and engage in substance use to self-soothe and numb their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. According to this, they use alcohol and other drugs with a limited mind and less awareness. That is, they are not fully present in this moment and are acting almost out of awareness rather than on automatic pilot.

Therapy that incorporates mindfulness training will help you become more aware of yourself and to connect with your inner self so you can see how your abuse plays out in your life. You can learn to respond HTML3_ to the stresses in YOUR life so that you are able to make conscious decisions. There are many methods you can start to practice mindfulness. You could learn to be more present every day or meditate more.

Yoga can also be used as a method of meditation. Yoga practice can be a way to create a spiritual connection. It may also help you overcome feelings of shame or isolation that often accompany addiction.

Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy participants will be accompanied by a licensed mental and equine health professional. It doesn’t matter if you know how to ride a pony. All of the activities are performed on the ground. You can take part in activities directly related to the caretaking and treatment of the horse.

Being able to take care of horses can increase self-competence. The structured sessions can allow you to explore deeper emotional issues more safely and without judgment.

The relationship that you build with the horse will reflect your relationships with yourself, others, and the issues that the addict hides from will emerge during your interactions with him. The process allows you to work with your therapist to discover the patterns and fuels of your addiction. It also gives you an opportunity to experience new ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving.

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